On Site Training

Who should attend?
Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Plant Operations Managers, Maintenance Personnel or other personnel involved in planning, design and setup of manufacturing facilities and personnel who encounter control systems in their course of daily functions. It will also benefit those who might be programming, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting PLC based equipment.

What are the Benefits?

• Exposure to state-of-the-art PLCs to keep engineers proficient
• Excellent training for maintenance staff enabling them to troubleshoot and install PLCs.
• Introduce management to new tools for use in daily operations that can aid in making production more flexible, reliable, productive and profitable.
What to Expect:
Plenty of Hands-ON! : There is NO BETTER WAY to learn PLC programming than to dig in and start programming! From DAY ONE you will be learning how to configure, specify, program and troubleshoot a REAL PLC control system! Each work station has an actual PLC complete with functional Inputs and Outputs. The instructor, Doug Bell, draws on his diverse background to make the programming examples reflect REAL-WORLD situations in such a manner that WILL keep you interested throughout the entire course.
Course Contents


What is a PLC?
What is a Input/Output module?
Sinking vs. Sourcing modules
What is a specialty module?
Designing and Laying Out a Project
Power Budget
Special Bits
I / O Mapping
Retentive Ranges
V – Memory


Introduction to SOFTWARE

What is SOFT?

On-line and Off-line Programming
Entering and Exiting
Editing a Ladder Program
The Launch Pad
Cut and Paste
Configuring SOFT
Basic Ladder Functions
Establishing a Link
Control Relays
Different Menus of SOFT


PLC Programming
• Review
Simple Ladder Program
Shift Register
Advanced Ladder Functions
Program Bit Math
Program Masking Bits
Analog Input / Analog Output
Working with BCD Input / Output
Binary to BCD Conversions BCD to Binary Conversions

PLC Programming and Hardware Application
Drum Sequencers
Troubleshooting using OFT
PLC Diagnostics
Watch Windows
PLC Status Screens
Remote I/O
Specialty Cards
Opti-Mate Displays
DDE Server PID Loopsversions